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Exam Items Costs
GITract Exam Endoscopy Sedation for Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) *Removal of polyp & biopsy may be required which causes additional costs. 120,000
Sedation for Colonoscopy 120,000
Sedation for Both EGD & Colonoscopy 150,000
Colonoscopy 260,000
Ultrasonography Abdomen ultrasonography 250,000
CT Abdomen-Pelvis CT Use of contrast agents 370,000
Brain Exam MRI Brain MRI 850,000
Brain MRA 850,000
Brain MRI & MR Angio 1,500,000
Cervical-Lumbar Exam C-Spine MRI 850,000
L-Spine MRI 850,000
Heart Exam Ultrasonography Ecocardiography 300,000
Carotid ultrasonography 220,000
CT Cardiac (Coronary artery_3D) CT Use of contrast agents 400,000
Brain & Whole-body PET-CT Use of radioactive agents 1,700,000
Cervical-Lumbar Exam CT C-Spine CT 230,000
L-Spine CT 230,000
Chest Exam Low-dose Chest CT 220,000
Thyroid ultrasonography 220,000
male Exam Prostate Prostate Ultrasonography 230,000
Male hormone test 180,000
Female Exam Breast Breast ultrasonography 260,000
Female hormone test 200,000
Other 1-night stay health check-up VIP room No discount 500,000