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Uk-Beom Pyeon, Director of Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital
We will pursue the recovery of patients' health as a core value through strengthening essential medical care, accurate and rapid treatment.

Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, which has its roots in Korea's first women's hospital, Bogoonyogoan, established in 1887, opened its doors in 2019 with a capacity of 1,014 beds in Magok district, Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, optimized for infection control with standard 3-bed rooms and all intensive care units (ICU) as single rooms, played a pivotal role in essential healthcare during COVID-19 Pandemic. As the first university hospital in Seoul to operate a dedicated COVID-19 Center, Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital provided childbirth services for COVID-19 positive mothers and treated seriously ill patients, demonstrating its commitment to essential healthcare even in disaster situations.

In 2023, Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital opened Ewha Womans University Aorta and Vascular Hospital and Ewha Womans University Cerebrovascular Hospital, dedicated to saving the lives of seriously ill patients in the golden hour. The heliport on the hospital's rooftop makes helicopters easy to take off and land due to altitude restrictions in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. This facilitates a highly optimized system for transporting serious emergency patients across the country. With seamless collaboration among our highly organized medical team, we provide the best possible care and resuscitation for these patients.

Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, which is directly connected to Balsan Station on Subway Line 5, focuses on maximizing patient convenience from architectural design to medical treatment operation. The center-oriented treatment system for each disease solved the inconvenience of treatment by department, and the patient's satisfaction was increased by separating the movement of inpatients from outpatients, outpatient navigation numbering, and the First Visit Lounge. It provides emotional stability and healing by installing "Healing Garden", a green space in the hospital, and "Art Cube", an exhibition space.

In addition, together with Kakao Healthcare, we opened a KakaoTalk chatbot-based hospital reservation service for the first time as a general hospital in Korea. A mobile service is provided through the KakaoTalk Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital channel that allows for treatment reservations, appointment changes and cancellations, and even preliminary medical consultation. This is the first case in Korea of applying a digital front door to a general hospital level, and we promise to lead a patient-centered smart hospital by continuously incorporating and developing the latest IT technology in the medical field.

For those suffering from the disease, speed is what is desperately needed at the same time as accurate treatment. For those who feel like each day is a year after a cancer diagnosis, for early-stage patients who cannot afford to miss the golden hour, and for those who suffer alone in unspeakable pain, Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital will let you experience human, material, and organizational infrastructure that can provide accurate treatment at the fastest pace.

As the Hospital Director, I will pursue the recovery of patients' health as our core value and promise to provide the best healing experience through continuous change and innovation.

Thank You

Woong Ju,   
Director of Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital