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Wellness Health Promotion Center, Ewha Womans University Seoul Medical Center

The term, Wellness combines two concepts together:
well-being and fitness.
This is the fundamental of a happy life
with physical, mental, and social health in harmony.
Wellness Health Promotion Center offers accurate
and credible health management services
as a companion through your healthy and happy life.

Customized Program

  • We provide customized programs based on individual features of the examinee through one-on-one counseling with coordinator upon personal visit or through a happy-call service upon an internet or telephone reservation, respectively.
  • We have established a unique program that suits to various individual characteristics, facilitating an each decision-making process.
  • We implement a smart system to conduct an on-line medical interview and refer to personal family history, life habits, and uncomfortable symptoms in order for the data to be applied in determining a necessity of additional examination and analyzing the medical examination result.

Pursuing accurate medical examination with the aid of up-to-date medical facilities and medical staff with rich experience

  • We are staffed with medical team with rich experience exclusively dedicated for the Health Promotion Center and medical personnel consisting of departments’ collaborative professors who can be promptly and closely connected with.
  • We are equipped with a wide range of different cutting-edge medical devices including CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, endoscope, etc. to raise the level of accuracy.
  • To diagnosis a cancer or severe disease, medical staff and coordinators allocated exclusively for Wellness will immediately and systematically link you to an outpatient treatment.

Providing elegant medical examination experience

  • Experience of a pleasant medical examination course is expected on account of spacious space configuration and comfortable waiting space.
  • Waiting space and accommodation for VIPs will be able to upgrade the dignity of premium medical examination.