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Ha Na Yoon Director of EGHMS
  • DepartmentRobot Surgery Center, Ewha Global Healthcare Medical System(EGHMS)
  • SpecialtyVoiding dysfunction, Female Urology, Female sexual medicine, Chronic urologic pain, Neurourology
Kyung Ho Kang Deputy Director of EGHMS
  • DepartmentSurgery, Cancer Center, Thyroid Center, Ewha Global Healthcare Medical System(EGHMS)
  • SpecialtyThyroid and Parathyroid diseases, Robot Da Vinci Surgery
Sang Hyun Kim Team Manager of EGHMS
  • DepartmentEwha Global Healthcare Medical System(EGHMS)​
Minji Yoon Registered Nurse
  • Contact +82-2-2650-5890
Zhang Hui Ting Chinese Coordinator
  • Contact+82-2-6986-5893
Yakhnenko Angelina Russian Coordinator
  • Contact+82-2-6986-5892
Jiyoung Yoo English Coordinator
  • Contact+82-2-6986-5891
Nayoun Kim(Jana) Arabic Coordinator​
  • Contact+82-2-2650-5890​